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Shandong Hengtong Expansion Joints Manufact CO.,LTD
Address:No.5,Panhe street
,Tai'an City,shandong Province,China

Contacts:Grace Zhang
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  Talented person strategy:
  The talented person is the enterprise most important resources, the high quality's person is the enterprise creates the value, the sustained development, the prosperous strength fountainhead.
  We insisted that the humanist enterprise culture, creates one unceasingly enables the outstanding talent to display fully can the environment, provides the good treatment and the broad individual development opportunities to the staff. Achieves keeps the human with the enterprise; “the respect knowledge, respects the talented person”, insisted that take the skill and the achievement as major targets or quotas' salary structure and the consummation welfare policy, achieves with the treatment keeps the human; Creates the fine enterprise culture atmosphere, strengthens the enterprise cohesive force unceasingly, the greatest degree provides the meticulous humanities concern to all permanent learned people, gives all permanent learned people build “the family” the feeling diligently, achieves the sentiment to keep the human.
  Personnel idea:
  Has both ability and integrity, appoints people on merit.
  “has both ability and integrity, appoints people on merit” the personnel idea which is passes permanently has scrupulously followed. Is passing permanently, we will exhaust ability the excavation each staff's potential and will give the suitable guidance and training, will provide the broad stage for each staff to let them display freely, lets them with pass permanently grows together.
  We invite people who are ambitious in and engaged in the corrugated pipe compensator's domain outstanding talent to ally our ranks, togetherly struggle for the surperb“the world inflation festival research makes the base” . 

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