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Shandong Hengtong Expansion Joints Manufact CO.,LTD
Address£ºNo.5,Panhe street
,Tai'an City,shandong Province,China

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Shandong Hengtong expansion joint manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 July, is located in the famous world heritage - at the foot of Taishan with a beautiful environment and convenient transportation ( West of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail, the Beijing-Shanghai railway, Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway, South to Qingyin Expressway things across ), capital authorized is 80 million yuanis a collection of research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in one the large-scale expansion of manufacturing enterprises ¡£

Bellows expansion joints is a flex element which used for pipeline and equipment for absorbing displacement. Our company developed the major diameter thick wall integral forming metal corrugation techniques, of which the core technology was mastered by the company, and many of the techniques have been registerred the utility model patent, and are the lead-edge technologies in China. The multi-corrugation(including single-corrugation) thick wall integral forming metal corrugated expansion joint has obtained the national patent and passed new product and new technical appraisal of the Shandong Province Economic Trade Committee. At present£¬our products are widely applied to the scopes such as the petroleum, petro-chemistry, chemical industry, electric power, thermal energy, water conservation, metallurgy, aviation, astronautics, ship, nuclear industry and pressure vessel and so on, and some products have been exported abroad and well received by users.

After ten years of hard work, the company has obtained Grade A&B Qualification of Manufacture License of Special Equipment People¡¯s Republic of China, U.S. ASME ¡°U¡± stamp and ISO9001-2008 quality system certification, EU PED-CE certification is now in the process of taking. according to the existing processing and manufacturing capacity of the company, the metal bellows expansion joints used for pipes by hydraulic pressure integral forming techniques has a maximum DN up to 12m with layers up to 15. The structural shape is determined by working conditions (then the product list). The pressure vessels by integral forming techniques and multi-corrugation(including single-corrugation) thick wall metal wave expansion joints used for heat exchanger choose non ferrous materials including black steel, austenitic stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, nickel base alloy, hastelloy alloy, high-alloy steel and titanium, zirconium and hafnium. Their maximum DN can be up to 6m, the maximum corrugations can be up to 4, the thickness of the wall from0.08mm to 80mm, the pressure range is from negative pressure to 35 MPa, the temperature range can be from -196¡æ to 1200¡æ.

   Our company totally has more than 400 staff, of which more than 40 engineering technical personnel, more than 200 skilled worker, more than 400 sets equipment; Based on this, the company designed and manufactured its own hydraulic press which is also the largest hydraulic press all over the world-22,000T hydraulic press. This equipment means our major equipments processing capacity have made a new leap in our petrochemical and coal chemical industry, which is of significance to accelerate the revitalization of major equipment manufacturing industry.

   ¡°Make the common metal working become the scientific surprise to thrill the world¡± as a tenet and ¡°Out of Asia, Service the world¡± as an aim, Shandong Hengtong Expansion Joints Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are glad to cooperate with domestic and overseas excellent colleagues to build the ¡°Special Equipment¡± great wall of safety against the potential safety hazard to pressure pipelines and pressure vessels due to high temperature, high pressure, stress, corrosion, vibration, disparity and so on 

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