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Shandong Hengtong Expansion Joint Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shandong Hengtong Expansion Joint Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a large-scale expansion joint manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and service.

The company has obtained my country's special equipment manufacturing license, pressure vessel A1 qualification, pressure piping components A and B qualifications, and has obtained EU PED-CE certification, American ASME "U" stamp, ISO 9000 quality management system certification, GB/T 14000 Environmental Management System Certification and GB/T 45000 Occupational Health and Safety System Certification. Expansion joint products include pressure pipe corrugated expansion joints, pressure vessel wave expansion joints, metal bellows, metal hoses, PTFE compensators, rubber compensators and non-metallic compensators.

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Testing equipment and professional engineering and technical personnel will provide you with the most intimate service at any time!
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Realize the calculation of compensation amount and the selection of various piping expansion joints for pressure pipelines of various structures.
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Ensure that the product arrives at the use site quickly and in time.
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